Pre-finished plywood panel for interior walls and ceilings

iHoop is a pre-finished plywood panel designed for internal wall and ceiling linings.  Cost effective and ready to install, iHoop’s superb factory finish is a clear coat that highlights the beautiful grain of Araucaria (hoop pine).  Manufactured with an “A” grade face and multiply core, iHoop features a clear glue line that enhances the natural colours of Araucaria. iHoop is backed by a 7 year coating warranty with acoustic options also available

Fixing iHoop is easy with our patented fixing solutions ShadowFIX and Tec7 X-Tack. Use ShadowFIX to easily create a perfect 10mm shadow line; and with no face fixings, the iHoop will not be penetrated, keeping the protective coating intact. Tec7 X-Tack is an instant grab adhesive system, designed to be used in conjunction with ShadowFIX, or by itself if a full adhesion system is desired.

Group 3 Fire Rating and Acoustic Options

iHoop, as a standard solid panel, has been tested and certified with a Group 3 fire rating. Importantly we have also conducted additional testing that certifies iHoop to Group 3 with an acoustic perforation pattern and soundmesh backing. This certification has been critical in projects such as the Gold Coast Disaster and Emergency Management Centre.

Contact us for more information on Group 3 fire certification, perforation patterns and fire certificates.



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