Interior Finishing

Applying a finish coat to plywood can be expensive, time-consuming, and give inconsistent results. Is there a better way? The simple answer is 'yes'.

Purchasing prefinished plywood reduces production times and increases productivity by offering a finished panel that can be used in a wide variety of interior applications. Since these prefinished products are ready for processing upon arrival, they give installers the ability to complete a project faster and more efficiently.

Other benefits of ordering prefinished panels include:

  • Efficient for getting a finish on hard-to-finish areas, like drawers and cabinet interiors.
  • Consistent finish with every panel guaranteed: color and gloss level.
  • Cost effective – cheaper than finishing in-house for those surfaces. No sanding. Less labor.

ariaply (for interior and semi-exposed) 

ariaply is our premium prefinished plywood panel, suitable for both interior and semi-exposed applications.  Backed by a 7 year coating warranty, ariaply will give you a perfect, high quality finish - every time.

ariaply is available in 7 attractive colours to suit any project.

iHoop (for interior)

iHoop is a cost effective pre-finished panel for interior use. Available in a clear, non-yellowing finish, iHoop shows the natural warmth of Hoop Pine. Manufactured with an interior bond, iHoop has a lighter and brighter appearance.

Other alternatives

Two pack polyurethanes are also recommended, providing a non-yellowing finish with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. This finish has excellent durability due to its colour fastness to UV light, thereby providing maximum gloss and colour retention. Applications such as laboratory bench tops, school desks and decorative flooring require this type of hard-wearing finish.