Group 1 fire rated decorative panel for internal linings

Austral FireHoop is a Group 1 fire rated decorative panel with a premium timber look, designed for internal walls and ceilings. FireHoop is suitable for aged care, hospitals, schools, auditoriums and general commercial.

  • High quality decorative panel with Group 1 fire rating in accordance with AS5637.1
  • Ready to install and prefinished in Natural Hoop, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum colours (matching our existing Ariaply and iHoop product range).
  • Suitable for internal areas including public corridors, fire-isolated exits, lift car interiors and lobbies
  • Concealed fixing system for easy installation
  • Bacteria resistant and easy to clean
Vivid Natural Hoop
Natural Hoop
Vivid Blackbutt
Vivid Spotted Gum
Spotted Gum

Acoustic options (compliant with AS5637.1)

  • FireHoop 8-32 -- 8mm hole, 32mm centres, square or offset pattern, 0.35 NRC* rating
  • FireHoop 8-16 -- 8mm hole, 16mm centres, square or offset pattern, 0.50 NRC* rating

*NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is calculated by averaging the absorption coefficient at 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz and 2000Hz. The NRC rating of 0.50 for FireHoop 8-16S means it absorbs 50% of the frequencies, therefore absorbing half of the frequencies compared with a solid panel.



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