Exterior Finishing

We do not recommend smooth faced plywood sheeting to be used in fully exposed applications (such as exterior cladding), as it will likely result in mechanical surface breakdown, known as surface checking or crazing, caused by the absorption and desorption of moisture through the surface veneer.

In addition it must be stressed that all plywood used in externally exposed conditions must be Type A bonded and preservative treated to ensure long term durability and performance.

Semi-exposed (outdoor living)

Recommended products: ariaply and Endurapanel

For semi-exposed applications such as soffits, alfresco dining and balcony ceilings, the only products recommended by Austral Plywoods are ariaply and Endurapanel.  Backed by a 7 year coating warranty, these products have a unique 3 phase finishing process in addition to a UV inhibitor. (It is important that any cuts or penetrations are resealed with a touch up resealer that we can supply).  ariaply and Endurapanel are available in 7 attractive colours:

Exterior Paint Systems

Although we do recommend water based finishes, stains from Livos Australia have been tested and approved by Austral Plywoods as being suitable for use with Hoop Pine plywood. Other oil based stains are not recommended on plywood where the finished job will be subject to close scrutiny. Other oil based stains tend to penetrate the face veneer of the plywood and strongly highlight the natural figure in the timber, darkening it considerably. In many applications this may not be desirable. Other oil based stains also tend to swell the grain of the surface veneer, again potentially disfiguring the plywood.