Concealed fixing system for plywood panels

ShadowFIX is a concealed fixing system for plywood panels utilising a patented plastic tongue design, countersunk screws and Tec7 X-Tack adhesive. shadowFIX is easy to install, has no face fixings and creates a perfect 10mm shadow line.

shadowFIX is the best solution for installing our ariaply pre-finished panels in an attractive and efficient way. Austral Plywoods can provide the complete solution, including not only the shadowFIX plastic tongue, but also black screws, router bits, toggles and X-Tack adhesive. And with no face fixings required, the ariaply panel will not be penetrated, keeping the protective coating intact.

ShadowFIX is only available for 12.5mm Ariaply and iHoop panels.


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