Tough, waterproof and slip resistant floor panel

Austral CrocPly is designed for the most demanding floor applications. CrocPly is made using Araucaria (hoop pine) plywood overlaid with a hard wearing, waterproof and slip resistant film. CrocPly features a multiply marine plywood core and is certified to the Australian Marine standard AS/NZS 2272.

Austral CrocPly is an Australian made, wire mesh film-faced plywood, similar to imported products such as Hexa Plywood.

CrocPly Applications

  • Truck & trailer decking
  • Vehicle floors
  • Scaffolding
  • Pedestrian platforms
  • Stair treads
  • Ship decking
  • Stage platforms

CrocPly Advantages

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Highly durable and slip resistant surface with 220g film
  • Easy to machine using standard woodworking tools
  • Resistant to most commonly used chemicals
  • Australian made using Araucaria (hoop pine) plywood
Austral CrocPly is designed, constructed and tested to the toughest Australian standards to guarantee performance in the toughest applications.
Technical Specifications
Panel dimensions 2440mm x 1220mm (contact us for other sizes)
Thicknesses 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm
Plywood standard AS/NZS 2272 Marine
Timber specie Araucaria (hoop pine)
PEFC certified plantation grown
Finish 220g/m2 black colour phenol film.
Wire mesh pattern face, smooth back.
Smooth face and back is available on request.
Panels supplied with sealed edges.
Tongue and groove available.
Edge sealer available for cut edges on site.
Density 600 kg/m3
Glue bond A-Bond (water boil proof) 25 Yr bond warranty
Formaldehyde emission E0 rating (AS/NZS 2098.11)
Wear resistance
Slip test (dry friction) Class D1 (AS 4586-2013)
Slip test (wet pendulum) Class P5 (AS 4586-2013)
Taber abrasion test 1000 cycles (AS 1580.403.2)
CrocPly specifications
(mm) (pcs) min max kg/m2 F Rating
12 9 11.52 12.48 7.8 F27
15 11 14.40 15.60 9.0 F27
18 13 17.46 18.54 10.8 F27
24 17 23.28 24.72 14.4 F27

Important: All cut edges must be sealed with CrocPly Sealer, following the directions supplied.



Abrasion testing before
Abrasion testing before
Abrasion test (before)
Abrasion testing after 1000 cycles
Abrasion testing (after 1000 cycles)
CrocPly boil test
Boil testing
Replacing the floor of a safety cage with Austral CrocPly

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