Plywood Range

100% Hoop Pine construction
100% Australian made

Premium appearance and durability

Marine plywood has long had the reputation as "the best" plywood, and for good reason. We like to think of it as a “AAA" plywood, as it must have an "A" face and back, "A" core veneers throughout, an "A-Bond" glue system, and manufactured using a Marine-designated timber specie.  If any of these characteristics are not present, it is not Marine plywood.

A versatile appearance grade plywood

Austral Premium Exterior is a high quality Hoop Pine plywood manufactured with a high grade face and a lesser grade back. Primarily used for walls and ceilings, exterior plywood is also suitable for semi-exposed applications, if finished correctly. Fully exposed applications such as wall cladding are not recommended.

A lighter and brighter appearance panel

Austral Premium Interior is manufactured with 100% Hoop Pine and is intended for use in non-structural, interior applications where a high quality aesthetic finish is required. Typical applications include internal wall panelling, furniture and fitments, interior door skins and ceiling linings. Interior plywood must not be used in exposed, wet or damp conditions.

Appearance grade plywood with more natural characteristics

Austral Premium Structural is a cost-effective and versatile exterior grade appearance plywood, manufactured with a “B” face and back. It is very popular in marine applications, shop fitting & cabinet making. A full Hoop Pine construction makes for a very stable plywood, and the closed grain veneer produces a superb paint finish. Overall, it is an extremely workable and tool friendly panel.

Combining a beautiful edge with a high quality core

Austral Multiply is a premium quality, furniture grade plywood panel, made from 100% Hoop Pine. Designed to make a feature of the edge, it is constructed using specially selected 1.5mm rotary peeled veneers, creating an even and aesthetically pleasing finish. Austral Multiply is perfect for many furniture grade applications including tables, chairs, desks, benches and decorative partitions.

Flexible plywood for curved applications

Austral Bendy simplifies previous painstaking methods of creating a variety of curved forms, also eliminating the need for prefabricated pieces. It is stable, light and easy to handle. Austral Bendy is available in Hoop faced or Plain options, and either in short or long grain.

High grade plywood for laser cutting and engraving

Austral LaserPly is a high quality Hoop Pine plywood panel designed for laser cutting or engraving. Austral LaserPly features a white glueline with "A" grade veneers throughout the panel, ensuring that there will not be any holes or knots that would otherwise spoil the finish.