Plywood Care

To keep your plywood in the best possible condition, we recommend:

  • Count and inspect for damage, immediately upon receiving your plywood. Any claims must be made within the time period specified in our Claims Policy.

  • Before installation, remember to keep your plywood dry and store in a protected area. Store your plywood on a flat, dry surface with a cover sheet on top. Do not store plywood sheets on their edge as it may cause bowing. Avoid direct sunlight, wind, rain and humidity, all of which can affect the appearance of your plywood.

  • For semi-exposed applications, only use ariaply, connectaply or Endurapanel and reseal all cut edges and penetrated boards (ie over screws) with available sealer.

  • Do not use oil based products on Hoop Pine plywood.

  • Take care in free standing applications. Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow. At Austral Plywoods all precautions are taken to ensure flatness at time of dispatch, however once the plywood has left our factory we cannot guarantee sheets to remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned.

  • For Ariaply care & maintenance instructions click here.