Tom Robinson's Pacific Journey

Tom Robinson's Pacific Journey is certainly an unusual project for us, but one we are pleased to be associated with for our small part. Tom is aiming to become the youngest person ever to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Tom designed and built his boat by hand, and when he approached us to use our Austral Marine Plywood we were happy to sponsor him with what he needed.

"My first sponsor was the local plywood mill. Austral Plywoods have been making the finest quality Hoop Pine plywood for almost 100 years. Their factory is not far from where I live. One day I put on my best clothes after work and stopped in on my way home. I had with me a fancy printout with my aspirations to row across the Pacific Ocean. And that was about all I had, a printout, plans for a boat, and a dream. So, it was a real joy when I received an email saying they would be happy to support my journey."
- Tom Robinson

Follow Tom's journey on his website where you can subscribe to his updates and track his progress.

UPDATE 6/10/2023 - Tom's journey has come to end, soon after departing Vanuatu. An unexpectedly large wave came through the main hatch and flooded the cabin, capsizing the boat. Fortunately Tom was rescued by a cruise ship that was in the area, and he is now back home, safe and sound.
Tom Robinson was awarded with a Guinness World Record for the youngest person to row the Pacific Ocean - congratulations!
  • Tom Robinson's Pacific Journey
  • Tom Robinson's Pacific Journey
  • Tom Robinson's Pacific Journey