Flexible plywood for curved applications

Austral Bendy is a plywood panel that simplifies previous painstaking methods of creating a variety of curved forms, also eliminating the need for prefabricated pieces. It is stable, light and easy to handle. Austral Bendy is available in Hoop faced or Plain options, and either in short or long grain.

Austral Bendy (Hoop faced) presents a tight grain that provides an excellent surface for painting or staining. Austral Bendy (Plain) is recommended for applications where the plywood is to be covered, or where a high class paint finish is not required. The minimum recommended bending radii is 100mm for both 5mm Hoop faced bendy and 7mm for Plain Bendy.

Important: The veneer used in the manufacture of this product is an untreated lyctid susceptible hardwood.


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