Superpod sustainable home

Superpod® has brought to life an international first - an integrated steel modular building system which is designed in accordance with the stringent energy efficiency criteria in the 'International Passive House Standard'.

This standard is based on physics calculations, and results in the inside temperature being generally 20-21° C without active heating or cooling. That means that for a building in Victoria, where the outside temperatures often fluctuate between 10 and 30 degrees, inside the podhouse® remains the same comfortable temperature.

The patent-pending design was conceived by Fiona McKenzie, with the first podhouse® being built in Wonthaggi, Victoria, after an intensive 16 month design process. The design team's generous support, together with supplier sponsorship and the craftsmanship of a local building team, has enabled the bringing of the concept to fruition. (See this link for full list of sponsors.)

The Superpod® design can be adapted for any building, whether residential or commercial, urban or remote. Energy efficiency of the building envelope is unparalleled.

As the building is white steel inside and out, Austral Hoop Pine plywood was considered the best sustainable choice to lend an organic warmth and contrast to the interiors. The natural beauty of the ply is highlighted against the white steel, and turns the technically robust building into a more aesthetically welcoming space.

In this building, science and art are combined. Yin and yang blend beautifully. Sustainability never looked so good!

Facebook has the backstory and construction shots, together with sustainability posts:

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Design team:
Design: Superpod Pty Ltd
Architect: McCabe Architects
Engineer: Pat Baygar and Associates
Steel fabrication: Structural Challenge



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